Eminent Domain Attorney

When a state or federal department wants to take or use your property when re-routing a road or sewer line, or constructing power lines or water lines, they generally have the legal authority to do so if it serves a "public purpose." You, on the other hand have a right to "just compensation." This right is enshrined in our state and federal constitutions.

The key to obtaining the highest property appraisal and most money for what the government has taken is retaining a lawyer with experience and skill in advocating for clients, negotiation and trial. It may take a jury trial to get what you really deserve for your property. Attorneys Butler Daniel, Thomas Pleasant and M. Justin Holoman have what it takes to overcome the government's meager assessment of the worth of your property and present your best case for maximum compensation.


Whether your farm, residence, shopping mall, or other commercial or industrial property has been taken or easements imposed, you may have been shocked to learn that your property could simply be taken in this way. The Department of Transportation, Public Utilities, or other entity may seem like Big Brother at this time. We will make the best of a bad situation by obtaining the highest property valuation and top dollar for you.

The attorneys at Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP have many years of experience as effective advocates in litigation. Opposing counsel are well-aware of our reputation for aggressively maximizing compensation for our clients. At the law firm of Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP, we are committed to maximizing your compensation so you can move on.

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