Representation For Victims Of Legal Malpractice

At the law firm of Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP, we recognize the importance of experience, dedication and ethics. Sadly, some of our peers do not share that viewpoint, resulting in claims of legal malpractice by our clients. If your attorney falls short in the standards required for legal representation, we are at your side protecting your rights and holding our contemporaries accountable.

A bad experience with one attorney should not prevent you from pursuing a legal malpractice claim with the help of another lawyer. If you have been a victim of negligence, place your trust in us to fight for your rights. Call our law firm at 866-965-2403, or contact us online.

Holding Attorneys Accountable When Their Clients Have Been Harmed By Malpractice

We recognize that sometimes a legal matter will not bring the result that a client wants. It is a fact of life that all lawyers face and does not equate to negligent actions. In an attorney-client relationship, the lawyer must fulfill agreed-upon obligations and avoid mistakes that harm you in any way. Missing a deadline or allowing a statute of limitations to expire can have devastating consequences related to your legal matter.

At Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP, we do not shy away from pursuing action against other attorneys. We pride ourselves on our ethical approach and adherence to strict procedural rules. Contacting an attorney to go after another attorney may seem unusual, but victims of legal malpractice are entitled to legal representation to right a horrible wrong.

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