Skilled Representation For Victims Of Medical Malpractice

The attorneys at the law firm of Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP, are devoted to helping those who have been injured at the hands of those who were supposed to help. We fight to hold negligent doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals accountable and to recover maximum compensation for each injured client.

The complexities and challenges of a medical malpractice claim force some attorneys to shy away from pursuing action. Our lawyers are not intimidated. Attorneys Butler Daniel, Thomas Pleasant, and M. Justin Holoman have over 35 years of experience taking on insurance companies and health care providers on behalf of individuals throughout the Southeast.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Medical Negligence Claims

We encourage you to reach out to our attorneys if you or your family has been impacted by any form of medical negligence. We handle a variety of different claims, including:

Surgical errors: When a person undergoes surgery, he or she is literally putting his or her life in the hands of another. The tiniest error can have huge ramifications, and we hold surgical professionals accountable when their negligence results in serious harm.

Injuries from negligent obstetricians: When an OB-GYN is negligent, not only is the mother at risk, but so is her child. We have helped families recover large compensation awards when their lives have been impacted by obstetrician negligence.

Emergency room errors and hospital negligence: Staff in hospitals and emergency rooms have a standard duty of care to follow when treating patients. When they fail to provide this level of care and an injury occurs, we are there to stand up for the rights of the victims.

Common medical errors: Unfortunately, medical errors are common. Many times, no ill effects are suffered, which is why these errors continue to be made time and time again. However, cutting corners and not following protocol can have disastrous consequences, and it only has to happen once. If you or a loved one has been harmed by any type of error made by a medical professional, we are here to demand accountability.

Unique Insight From Our Firm's Founder

In addition to our experience, legal knowledge and our network of medical experts, we are also fortunate to have the unique insight provided by our firm's founder, Butler Daniel. Mr. Daniel is a former insurance defense attorney. He knows how the opposing side works. He is well-aware of how they build cases, when they are prepared to litigate and when they are ready to make a serious settlement offer.

Contact Us For Help With Doctor Negligence Claims

Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP handles medical malpractice litigation throughout the Southeast, in North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee. You can speak with one of our lawyers by calling our office toll free at 866-965-2403 or by sending us an email.