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Choosing a nursing home for a loved one requires an exhaustive search for a facility that is best for them. Once they are admitted, you place complete trust in the staff to provide care to your family member. An instance of nursing home abuse or negligence shatters the trust placed in the nursing home you carefully selected.

Take action immediately with a telephone call to an experienced personal injury attorney at Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP. We dedicate ourselves to seeking justice on your behalf and securing compensation that reflects the extent of your family member's emotional and physical damage.

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The age of a nursing home negligence or elder abuse victim should never be a factor in determining the value of a claim. Insurance companies may use life expectancy and the quality of those final years to determine an appropriate amount for damages.

We value life, while they undervalue it.

The lawyers at Daniel Pleasant Holoman LLP believe that the helpless elderly need protection, and certainly should not be subjected to nursing home negligence or abuse. Regardless of the number of years remaining, a life has been forever changed or cut short in a painful and negligent way when nursing homes and assisted living facilities fail to provide inadequate or abusive care.

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