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Have been injured on someone else's property? Just as in a car accident where someone drove carelessly and hurt you, the property owner had a legal duty to take certain steps to avoid your being injured. Property owners have a duty to warn you of slippery floors or other dangers that are not obvious. Any responsible grocery store or other business will take reasonable steps to repair problems promptly, before a customer is injured. After all, they want you to come there and spend your money.

Premises Liability

It is not only grocery or other merchandise businesses that have a duty to customers. The owner of an apartment complex, a restaurant or office building has duties to take some precautions on your behalf. Sadly, the frequency of assaults and robberies in poorly secured buildings is becoming apparent. But if you had a reasonable expectation that entering a building was safe, and you were sexually assaulted due to negligent security, you may have a case against the building owner.

Dog and other animal attacks occur when the dog owner or property owner fails to prevent it. Dog bites are especially harmful to children and should be handled by an experienced attorney.


In many circumstances, a property owner has a duty to clear walkways and parking lots of dangerous snow and ice. Whether you are particularly frail or vulnerable to a fall is not relevant. Obstructions on a pathway should also be removed to prevent serious injuries such as broken bones, or a head or neck injury.

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