Successful Cases

$13,000,000.00 verdict - Lewes, DE: Wrongful death case where nursing home lost Alzheimer's patient who later died.

$6,000,000.00 confidential settlement - Fayetteville, NC: Birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy to female child. The child suffered a bleed shortly before delivery and the hospital's nurses and resuscitation team failed to order blood for more than 30 minutes after delivery.

$5,300,000.00 confidential settlement - Raleigh, NC: Obstetrical negligence results in cerebral palsy.

$5,000,000.00 confidential settlement - Lewes, DE: Additional recovery for settlement of punitive damages claim on the nursing home case above.

$4,850,000.00 Confidential settlement - Onslow Co., NC

$4,000,000.00 confidential settlement - Greenville, NC: Birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy to second twin after doctors failed to perform an emergency cesarean section in a timely manner when there was documented fetal distress for an extended period of time.

$3,457,000.00 Confidential settlement - New Hanover & Columbus Co., NC

$2,500,000.00 confidential settlement - Hickory, NC: Premature infant developed cerebral palsy after hospital and nurses failed to recognize and treat preterm labor.

$2,500,000.00 confidential settlement - Lillington, NC: Obstetrical negligence leads to severe brain damage of a newborn. $1,900,000.00 Confidential Settlement - Jacksonville, NC

$1,999,000.00 confidential settlement - Jacksonville, NC: Birth injury resulting in stillborn child after doctor failed to do an emergency c-section in the face of an obvious placental abruption.

$1,900,000.00 Confidential settlement - New Hanover Co., NC

$1,660,000.00 Confidential Settlement - Guilford Co., NC

$1,500,000.00 recovery - Winston Salem, NC: Family doctor fails to recognize an impending heart attack.

$1,500,000.00 Confidential settlement - Durham, NC:

$1,300,000.00 Confidential settlement - Durham Co., NC

$1,105,000.00 Confidential settlement - New Hanover Co., NC

$910,000.00 Confidential settlement - Fayetteville, NC

$910,000.00 confidential settlement - Bolivia, NC: Teenage boy suffered severe compartment syndrome and lost the functional use of his left foot after an impaired doctor negligently performed orthopedic surgery.

$900,000.00 confidential settlement - Whiteville, NC: 43-year-old business owner was left with severe physical and mental deficits after doctors failed to properly treat an evolving stroke.

$850,000.00 Confidential settlement - Brunwick Co., NC

$800,000.00 confidential settlement - Charlotte, NC: Dental Malpractice. 35-year-old man developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy and facial disfigurement after maxillofacial surgeon incorrectly performed jaw implant surgery and multiple repairs.

$625,000.00 Confidential settlement - Dunn, NC

$600,000.00 Confidential settlement - Florence Co., SC

$510,000.00 Confidential settlement - Johnston Co., NC

$500,000.00 confidential settlement - Durham, NC: Faulty residential construction results in the growth of mold in the structure, causing injury and illness to the inhabitant.

$500,000.00 Confidential settlement - Winston-Salem, NC

$475,000.00 Confidential settlement - Wake Co., NC

$435,000.00 Confidential settlement - Sampson, NC

$400,000.00 confidential settlement - Wrightsville Beach, NC: 40-year-old woman developed severe depression and anxiety after obstetrician-gynecologist inappropriately removed both of the patient's fallopian tubes and ovaries.