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Attorney Thomas Pleasant is a brilliant attorney who represents patients that have been abused, neglected, overmedicated and many other things involving lack of care, inadequate staff, unqualified staff, etc. which may result in a patients death. Attorney Pleasant does not represent nursing homes or any other similar facilities. He is an awesome attorney with great qualities, professional at all times, knowledgeable, excellent communication skills, and knows the law involving any facilities your mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents or any loved one may be placed in and is being mistreated or not being cared for properly. I searched the Internet and was impressed by recommendations others had posted regarding Attorney Pleasant. I called his office and presented my needs and concerns to find out if he could help me. Mr. Pleasant did not only accept my case, he won it! I received a substantial settlement without going to court. No amount of money can replace the life of a loved one but you can seek justice which may lead to helping others who are in 24 hour care facilities. Filing a lawsuit is the only way to take a step in attempting to get laws changed.

Daughter of nursing home resident-victim who suffered from dehydration, malnutrition and weight loss, overmedication, infection (sepsis), pressure sores, and death.

I could not have found a better lawyer to help me

Tim, Son Of Nursing Home Wrongful Death Victim

From day one he has just helped me and my family on our journey to justice, very professional and very considerate, he makes sure that whatever is done is for the best of our interest, just a blessing.

Parent of Cerebral Palsy Brain Birth Injury Victim (Washington, Beaufort County, NC)

...nothing short of fantastic, professional, personable and supportive. My only wish is that I were eloquent enough to say thank you from the depths of my heart. Thank you.

Reggie, Mother Suffered Broken Hip in Nursing Home (Greensboro, NC)

Thomas Pleasant is an exceptional lawyer who actually cares about his clients best interests. My case was a negligence case against a nursing home. He was able to piece all the evidence together to make the case rock solid. I would definitely recommend Thomas Pleasant to anyone in need of his services including my close friends and family.

Suzanne, Mother Suffered Broken Bones in Nursing Home (Bath, NC)

I am proud to say they got my family a worthy settlement. Selecting Pleasant Law was the best choice I have ever made...if you need a law firm to represent you I highly recommend Pleasant Law. They are very professional and will do you right.

Brenda, Daughter of Nursing Home Pressure Ulcer Death Victim (Candor, NC)

Thank you, thank you!!. Mr. Pleasant youre the best. Very professional. My wife and I are very grateful for you and your staff. Keep up the good work...

Gary, Husband of Nursing Home Bed Sore Victim (Fayetteville, NC)

Mr. Pleasant and his staff are extremely professional and caring. While going through my case with my grandmother, my mom was dying, and (Mr. Pleasant) was thoughtful and caring and concerned. He made sure all the bases were covered and that is why we won this lawsuit!!!!! He knew what we wanted and went after it with determination. If my grandmother was alive today, she would say "Thank You, Mr. Pleasant!!!!" I would highly recommend him as your lawyer. He is not only a lawyer but a nice person.


Mr Pleasant and his staff kept me well informed about the case. I am really grateful for them. Anytime I had a question, I called, and they responded the same day.


Attorney Pleasant is an excellent attorney who helped me find justice when an insurance company wanted to deny benefits that were due me after I had cancer. He was always pleasant as his name indicates and helped to prepare me for each deposition and mediation session. I recommend him highly for anyone dealing with health or life insurance issues.

Joseph, Victim of Wrongful Insurance Claim Denial (Fayetteville, NC)

Mr. Pleasant is a very good attorney. He did an outstanding job with the evidence that we had. He is very trustworthy and forthcoming. Whenever I called him, he always returned my call whether it was directly or via his paralegal. He is very knowledgeable about these type of cases and kept us informed every step of the way. We were pleased with the outcome of our case. We would strongly recommend him to anyone. With Mr. Pleasant, winning our case I feel that it made the organization there give the other remaining patients better care and possibly save someone elses life. Thanks again to Mr. Pleasant and all of his staff. He is the best attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

James, Son of Nursing Home Dehydration, Aspiration, and Pressure Ulcer Vicitm (Williamston, NC)