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Two die in North Carolina truck accidents

Two recent crashes near St. Pauls that involved tractor-trailer trucks have left two people dead. The first fatal trucking accident occurred when a moped was struck by a semi-truck from behind. The impact tore open the moped's fuel tanks and caused it to ignite. Both vehicles were ultimately destroyed by fire. While the moped's driver did not survive, the truck driver was able to escape his vehicle without injury. The woman was driving the moped on the highway at the time of the accident despite the vehicle having a top speed of just 35 miles per hour. A trooper with the North Carolina Highway Patrol explained that the woman was forced to use the moped because her car had recently stopped working.

The second truck crash occurred as traffic backed up from the first accident. About a mile behind the accident site, another tractor-trailer had come to a stop when a sedan collided with the back of the truck. Police say that the driver of the car did not slow down before the accident and that he was likely traveling at high speed. Upon striking the semi-truck, the car slid underneath the truck. The driver's wife was killed in the collision and the driver was taken to a regional hospital where he was treated for injuries. The truck driver was not hurt and his truck suffered only minor damage.

Police closed the highway in order to divert oncoming traffic and deal with the accidents, but opened it again in a matter of hours. The North Carolina Highway Patrol has not filed any charges in connection with the accidents, but says that both are under investigation.

Source: The Fay Observer, "Tractor-trailers involved in 2 fatal wrecks along I-95," Sept. 17, 2011

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