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November 2011 Archives

Interstate 40 car crash leaves 2 dead, several injured

Two North Carolina residents are dead after a three-car auto accident. The victims' 22-month-old child was trapped inside the wrecked car for almost half an hour before being rescued, at which time she was transported by helicopter to the University of North Carolina Hospital to be treated for serious injuries. She remains at the hospital in stable condition. Two other individuals involved in the crash were also taken to area medical facilities and released shortly after being treated.

Three killed in accident involving North Carolina student bus

A fatal accident has killed three people, injured several more and delayed a trip for a group of student engineers from North Carolina. According to police, the truck crash occurred as a pickup truck and a commercial hauler carrying a stack of logs were both slowing down in the left lane of traffic. Suddenly, the bus of students rammed the pickup truck from behind and pushed it into the semi, causing it to become pinned beneath the larger vehicle.

North Carolina hospital could lose funding after lawsuit

According the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a North Carolina hospital could lose its Medicare funding following the death of a schizophrenic patient who allegedly died after guards employed by the facility attempted to restrain him.

Gag order issued during wrongful death suit

A North Carolina Superior Court judge has issued a gag order in a contentious lawsuit, preventing all involved parties from speaking about the case to the public or media. The wrongful death claim is centered on a former sheriff's deputy who stands accused of causing the death of her husband. The man died in the couple's swimming pool in 2005.

One week later, second truck driver dies in I-85 crash

In our last post we discussed a truck accident that took the life of a driver. Just a week later, an eerily similar situation on the same interstate took the life of yet another semi-truck driver. It also sent a woman and three children to the hospital.

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