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January 2012 Archives

NFL player's estate sues fiancée for wrongful death

The estate of an NFL player who was killed after falling from a truck in North Carolina in 2009 has filed a lawsuit against the victim's fiancée, blaming her for the player's death. The wrongful death lawsuit contends that the fiancée's negligence, in addition to that of her family member, ultimately led to the player's death.

North Carolina teenager faces charges in fatal accident

A 16-year-old high school student will face a number of serious charges after being involved in a North Carolina car wreck that left his 17-year-old female passenger dead. Police claim the fatal accident occurred as the teenager was driving a Jeep at a rate of around 75 miles per hour, 45 miles per hour over the speed limit. The driver was unable to control his vehicle at such speeds and veered off the road before crashing into a tree. Police say neither of the teenagers were wearing seatbelts, causing the driver to be thrown from the car upon impact.

North Carolina truck accident claims life

One North Carolina woman is dead following a collision with a truck owned by the state government. Police with the North Carolina Highway Patrol say the truck accident occurred as the victim was driving along NC 24, when she struck the back of a North Carolina Department of Transportation series truck that was parked on the left shoulder of the highway. The rear-end collision with the DOT truck smashed the front of the woman's car and caused its roof to collapse. The workers were unharmed and DOT truck escaped with just a flat tire.

North Carolina in-home birth ends in tragic loss

Over the years, the trend for expecting mothers to opt to deliver their babies in the comfort of their own home has grown. Many states, including North Carolina, require in-home midwives to be registered nurses and undergo state certification to practice in-home birth. While proponents of in-home birth have legitimate reasons to tout their cause, real dangers exist, such as birth injuries, for those who choose this option under the supervision of unlicensed individuals. Such is the case, for a North Carolina family whose medical providers' negligence led to the wrongful death of their child during birth.

Four North Carolina men dead following truck accident

An out-of-state semi-truck accident has left three Rowan County men dead after their sports utility vehicle was struck by an 18-wheeler while they were travelling home from North Dakota. The victims were 24, 25, 27 and 33 years old, respectively, and were returning to North Carolina for the holidays at the time of the accident.

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