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January 2013 Archives

North Carolina pays record-setting wrongful death settlement

North Carolina's Guilford County recently paid $475,000 to family of a county jail inmate who died after detention officers kept him in a restraining chair for an excessive amount of time. The sum is likely the highest the county has paid in the settlement of a legal liability case, though officials say a trial would probably have been even more costly. The company responsible for medical care in the jail is reportedly providing even more money to the family, who filed a wrongful death lawsuit following the fatal 2010 incident.

North Carolina man dead after being hit by multiple cars

A North Carolina man believed to be homeless was killed after being struck by at least three cars as he walked along a roadway in western North Carolina. The victim was reportedly dragged for five miles following the initial collision, inflicting serious injuries that ultimately lead to his death.

Three teenagers dead in North Carolina crash

The North Carolina Department of Transportation announced plans to review a heavily-trafficked county road for possible safety issues following a serious car accident that left three teenagers dead and a 53-year-old truck driver injured. An ongoing police investigation has yet to confirm the cause of the wreck, but troopers with the North Carolina Highway Patrol say that unsafe speeds and wet road conditions were likely at fault. Investigators have already cleared the truck driver from responsibility and explained that they do not currently believe driver intoxication was a factor.

Two people injured after North Carolina crash

Police say an accident that left two North Carolina residents hospitalized was caused when one of the motorists lost control of his car when it hydroplaned. According to police reports, that accident occurred shortly after 6:21 p.m. when a 19-year-old man's car hydroplaned, causing it veer over a median and into oncoming traffic. The car then struck a pickup truck with a glancing blow before slamming head-on into a sedan.

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