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September 2013 Archives

Victim shot by police after car wreck

The young man climbed out of the rear window of his vehicle after the near-fatal crash in North Carolina. After potentially suffering some kind of injury, he limped to a nearby home on a rural road to seek help after the early morning collision. Then, he was shot by police.

Woman's malpractice case moves forward

The North Carolina woman emerged from abdominal surgery to find that her intestine had been connected to her vagina. A recent ruling in the shocking medical malpractice case will allow the trial for the incident to proceed without the expert testimony of a specialist, who would have simply explained that defecation cannot occur through the vaginal opening. The court ruled that the expert testimony was not necessary to proceed through the civil suit.

Seatbelt use drops throughout state

Even though enforcement efforts have increased throughout North Carolina, new statistics show that seatbelt use throughout the state has actually decreased. More drivers in the state, particularly those in the younger demographics, seem to be ignoring the mounting pile of evidence that supports seatbelt use as a safety measure. Compliance with seatbelt laws in 2012 was measured at 87.5 percent, a marked decrease from the 89.5 percent rating in 2011. The refusal to wear seatbelts could ultimately result in more catastrophic injuries in traffic accidents throughout the area.

Trolley victim's family files wrongful death suit

The family of a woman who died in a fatal trolley accident in 2012 is seeking compensation through a wrongful death suit. The woman, age 66, died in nearby Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when a trolley in which she was riding pulled over to miss an oncoming car, throwing her from the vehicle. The ground reportedly collapsed beneath the trolley when the driver pulled to the side of the road. Reports show that the woman was visiting North Carolina for a wedding, but she traveled to Gatlinburg for a day of shopping.

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