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Soldiers sue government over baby's asphyxiation death

Two North Carolina military members have filed a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit after their infant son was killed at an on-base childcare facility. The pair, both of whom are stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, are seeking $10 million in connection with the incident, which they say occurred because of staff negligence. They allege that their 4-month-old child died because an irresponsible worker left the child face-down on a blanket.

Official reports indicate that video evidence supports the couple's claim. The child is seen on the tape attempting to roll over and raise his head, but the childcare worker ignored his fussing. The child had been placed face-down on the blanket, which was put on the floor, at about 7:15 a.m. on the day of his death. Nine minutes later, he stopped moving. At least one other childcare worker saw the child's lifeless body on the floor, but neither employee made a move to change the child's position. Investigators have determined that the child died from suffocation.

The child's death, which occurred last year, ultimately caused the center to lose its state license. It is now operating under a provisional license after being cited for six violations of North Carolina state law. Children at North Carolina facilities are required to be under constant visual supervision. As a result of the violations, the worker was placed on a list of violators who are guilty of serious neglect.

This case is just one of a shocking number of deaths and injuries that have occurred at on-base childcare facilities during recent years. In fact, statistics show that more than 100 children have died because of either abuse or neglect at Army facilities alone during the past decade. This startling number demonstrates the seriousness of the conditions at such childcare facilities, which should be held legally and financially responsible for their poor decision-making.

Source:  www.airforcetimes.com, "Parents sue in infant's death at Fort Bragg day care" Joe Gould, Oct. 02, 2013

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