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November 2013 Archives

Truck drivers: New rules increase fatigue, accidents

Owners of semi-truck operations in North Carolina and other states will soon be affected by new safety regulations governing their activities - and they are not happy about it. The legislation, designed to prevent truck accidents because of sleep deprivation, will limit truckers' ability to do their jobs, they say, sacrificing efficiency for only modest gains in traffic safety.

Dentist's license revoked 11 months after North Carolina death

A North Carolina dentist accused of killing a 57-year-old patient with a fatal overdose of sedatives has had her state dental license revoked. The dentist, who sent a letter out to her other patients earlier in the month, neglected to tell those clients that she is facing allegations of severe negligence in connection with the incident, which is considered one of the most egregious violations ever seen by state dental board reviewers.

Parents file wrongful death suit in North Carolina

Relatives of a child who was electrocuted and killed in a pool accident in North Carolina have filed a formal complaint against several entities associated with the incident. The 11-year-old girl's parents have filed a wrongful death suit that names the city of Lexington, North Carolina, along with several other utilities companies.

Driver sentenced in 2011 North Carolina truck accident

A man responsible for a truck accident that killed three North Carolina drivers on Interstate 40 will serve more than a decade in jail. The man, age 52, was formally sentenced to approximately 11 years' prison time on Oct. 29 after pleading guilty to several charges, including possession of marijuana, involuntary manslaughter and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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