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December 2013 Archives

Authorities blamed for serious injury, death in hotel

New information about the events leading up to the death of an 11-year-old boy and the serious injury of his 49-year-old mother in a North Carolina hotel reveals chilling details about the case. Official reports show that the pair suffered catastrophic personal injury after they were exposed to extraordinarily high levels of carbon monoxide in the Best Western hotel in Boone, North Carolina. Shocking reports show that two other victims had died in a nearby room in a similar fashion just weeks before; still, no one was able to put the pieces together fast enough to prevent the child's death.

Mom files wrongful death suit against hospital security company

Imagine being escorted from a hospital without receiving proper treatment, simply because you were trying to advocate for your own care. That is exactly what one North Carolina woman says happened to her son after he was put in a taxi in late 2011 after being deemed "uncooperative" and discharged against medical protocol. The woman is seeking financial compensation for wrongful death, negligence and emotional distress in connection with the incident. She says that her son was already dead when he arrived home from the hospital in the taxi. She is accusing security officers of forcing her son to leave the hospital before he had received the care he needed; the hospital itself is not party to this particular suit.

Truck accident not fatal thanks to underride guard

Recent changes to the structure of tractor-trailers throughout the United States are actually preventing fatalities as intended. A recent North Carolina crash victim was saved, according to officers, when he collided with a steel bar at the base of a semi-truck instead of sliding completely under the larger vehicle. These steel beams, known as underride guards, have likely prevented scores of fatalities in truck accidents since they were first implemented.

Cooling therapy gives injured infants second chance

It is one of the happiest days of any parent's life - the day that your child is born. This dream can quickly turn into a nightmare for parents of newborns who are unresponsive, however, when they discover that their child does not cry or respond to stimuli. Luckily, new technology is being implemented throughout North Carolina to reduce the risk of long-term brain injury because of oxygen deprivation or traumatic birth. Doctors are now using a radical cooling therapy to reduce the impact of this type of birth injury.

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