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January 2014 Archives

Boy develops cerebral palsy, family gets $9 million from military

Families who receive unacceptable medical care at North Carolina military health care facilities may be able to seek compensation for malpractice. In one case, the family of a Virginia boy has received $9 million after the child developed cerebral palsy because of birth injuries. The family's lawsuit sought compensation after the child suffered catastrophic injury because of physicians' negligence. Official reports show that the family will receive $5 million as a lump sum and $4 million over the remainder of the child's natural life.

Wrongful death suit: Victim gunned down while seeking help

The North Carolina man was desperately seeking help after crashing his vehicle. He stumbled to a nearby home for assistance - and then a police officer gunned him down. Now, relatives of the 24-year-old victim are seeking financial compensation for wrongful death in the matter, claiming that forensic reports show that the victim was likely on his knees or on the ground when he was shot by a Charlotte officer. Family members say that the young man was simply seeking help and should not have been considered a threat by the overzealous police officers.

Military members critically injured in truck accident

Five military members in North Carolina suffered serious injuries after a collision in Scotland County. The soldiers were on their way to serve as honor guard at a veteran's funeral on Jan. 3 when they were struck by a logging truck. It appears that the driver of the van, who is also an active-duty military member, failed to yield while crossing a major road, driving into oncoming traffic and the path of the larger vehicle. The 22-year-old driver of the van received traffic citations for his role in the truck accident.

Parents: Child suffered birth injury from forceps' use

Scores of babies are delivered every year in North Carolina and other American states without incident. In a small number of cases, however, children suffer injuries during delivery that have devastating lifelong consequences. Those wounds can cause long-term health problems that leave families crippled with medical expenses and other woes. Now, one Texas family is seeking widespread changes in the medical industry that could prevent birth injuries in North Carolina and other districts.

Federal government to pay for birth injury

The federal government and three obstetricians are responsible for brain injuries inflicted upon a child during his birth in July 2009, according to a recent court judgment for the parents of boy injured at birth. The boy suffered injuries during delivery, as he was oxygen-deprived for 40 minutes prior to his birth and 10 minutes after he was delivered. An investigation into the matter revealed that the child's heart rate and respiratory flow was severely diminished after he was delivered at a Midwestern hospital. The child had to be resuscitated after he was born.

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