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Parents: Child suffered birth injury from forceps' use

Scores of babies are delivered every year in North Carolina and other American states without incident. In a small number of cases, however, children suffer injuries during delivery that have devastating lifelong consequences. Those wounds can cause long-term health problems that leave families crippled with medical expenses and other woes. Now, one Texas family is seeking widespread changes in the medical industry that could prevent birth injuries in North Carolina and other districts.

News reports show that the parents of a deceased child argue that their little girl would have survived if her skull had not been crushed by the use of forceps during delivery. Now, the pair, ages 24 and 25, are starting a social media campaign to limit the use of these devices in the delivery room. Their child was born on Dec. 28 and died on Jan. 2 from severe head trauma. The couple alleges that their obstetrician acted negligently by using forceps during the delivery instead of pursuing a Caesarean section operation.

The couple tells reporters that they sought the operation before Christmas, but their physician refused to perform the surgery because of the size of the baby. Instead, the doctor refused to do so, as the baby was reportedly too large to deliver via Caesarean - at 7 pounds, 14.9 ounces, she was relatively large for her petite 4-foot-11-inch mother. Sadly, the vaginal birth was unsuccessful because the mother was so exhausted by the time the child reached the birth canal. Further, the baby was face-up upon delivery. The parents say the physician was so forceful with the child that they heard her skull pop like a piece of pottery breaking. The girl was not breathing when she was delivered, and the parents say she did not cry after birth.

Parents of children in North Carolina deserve only the best medical care when their babies are being delivered. Physicians should never take actions that would hurt a newborn - especially not actions that would cause a child's skull to fracture. Parents who think their children may have suffered brain injury during delivery may be entitled to financial compensation from their negligent physicians. A qualified personal injury attorney can help these victims learn more.

Source: ABC News, "Forceps Delivery Crushed Baby's Skull, Caused Death, Family Alleges" Susan Donaldson James, Jan. 03, 2014

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