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February 2014 Archives

7-vehicle truck accident blamed on roadway black ice

Black ice is being blamed as the cause of a seven-vehicle wreck that occurred on U.S. 52 North in North Carolina. The massive truck accident occurred on Feb. 17, when a woman behind the wheel of a pickup truck lost control of her vehicle, causing it to flip onto a guardrail. That driver was reportedly traveling slower than the posted speed limit, but her vehicle still spun out of control upon contact with the ice. She suffered only minor injuries in the crash. A volunteer fire department truck was also involved in the truck accident.

Wrongful death suit filed for sinking of tall ship during Sandy

Investigators have released an official report about a boat accident that left two crew members dead off the coast of North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy. Family members of one victim, a 42-year-old woman, have filed a wrongful death suit in the case, which could be bolstered by the findings issued in the National Transportation Safety Board evaluation. Officials say that the fatal 2012 accident occurred because of the captain's reckless decision to steer the tall ship into the path of the violent storm.

Brain injury victims may benefit from implantable technology

Many military members suffer from memory loss after receiving serious brain injuries while in combat. Now, new research funded by the Pentagon may provide the key to reversing memory loss suffered by civilians during brain injury events. The new technology seems promising, especially after a decade of failed tries at pharmaceutical remedies for memory loss after brain injury. Now, a new type of implantable probe may be used to help those who have suffered brain injury that resulted in memory loss.

Medical malpractice claim pending in liver donor death

The couple had planned a road trip into the North Carolina mountains in their near future. Instead, because of alleged medical malpractice, the woman found herself alone and without a husband after a liver transplant surgery. That woman's husband - the victim, in this case - was donating a portion of his liver to his brother-in-law. Instead, he perished, despite physicians' assurances that modern organ transplants are virtually risk-free. The woman has since filed a medical malpractice claim against the transplant team.

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