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7-vehicle truck accident blamed on roadway black ice

Black ice is being blamed as the cause of a seven-vehicle wreck that occurred on U.S. 52 North in North Carolina. The massive truck accident occurred on Feb. 17, when a woman behind the wheel of a pickup truck lost control of her vehicle, causing it to flip onto a guardrail. That driver was reportedly traveling slower than the posted speed limit, but her vehicle still spun out of control upon contact with the ice. She suffered only minor injuries in the crash. A volunteer fire department truck was also involved in the truck accident.

Authorities report that the initial crash was worsened after another driver lost control on the same stretch of road. That vehicle overturned, striking another truck that had been abandoned. The driver of the second vehicle, age 52, did not suffer injury, but his wife was treated for minor injuries. A fourth vehicle became involved when a Good Samaritan stopped to assist the accident victims. That man's vehicle was rear-ended by another car, which was also affected by the icy conditions. Finally, a fire truck that arrived on the scene struck another first-responder's vehicle at the site of the initial crash.

No serious injuries were reported in any of the collisions, but the woman in the first car did receive stitches. Officials say she was lucky that the crash was not more severe, as the woman's vehicle rode along the guardrail for several yards before flipping. Officials are urging motorists to be cognizant of the black ice, which proved quite dangerous in this case.

Fire trucks and other large commercial vehicles have the potential to cause serious injury. In this case, the fire truck crashed with another first-responder SUV, but that collision could have occurred with a civilian vehicle. Although we often think of commercial truck accidents as involving 18-wheelers, fire trucks, dump trucks and other large vehicles may also cause injurious wrecks. Victims of these collisions may benefit from the advice of a North Carolina personal injury attorney.

Source:  Mount Airy News, "Black ice causes seven-vehicle accident on 52 N" No author given, Feb. 17, 2014

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