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Studies: Inept docs the problem in rate of surgical errors

Medical errors at North Carolina hospitals can be deadly. Very deadly. Recent statistics show that at least 100,000 people die every year nationwide simply because of human error caused by health care teams. Experts in the field say that those numbers are not trending downward, despite patient safety initiatives designed to limit the effects of medical malpractice. So, what is the solution? Some industry experts argue that an entire systematic overhaul will be required to finally see the gains in patient safety that should have arrived years ago.

The problem, according to many health care professionals, is the system's approach to medicine. In hospitals across the country, every heart attack patient is receiving an aspirin upon arriving. Checklists are implemented and protocols are distributed with enthusiasm, the idea being that standardized care requires a monitored, step-by-step approach.

Sadly, safety checklists do not really work. Studies in the venerable New England Journal of Medicine show that checklists did not have an effect on the rate of surgical errors in modern hospitals. There is a simple reason for that: Most medical malpractice claims stem from the actions of an individual, not because of a systemic failure. Estimates show that just 4 percent of surgical errors are caused by flaws in a system's design.

Industry leaders say that the best way to prevent a doctor's negligence is to remove inept physicians from practice. Statistics show that just 2 percent of American physicians are responsible for half of the malpractice payouts during a span of two decades. Remove the inept providers, experts say, and the quality of medical care is likely to improve exponentially.

Victims who have suffered surgical errors because of an incompetent doctor deserve financial compensation for their anguish. A personal injury attorney in North Carolina may provide additional information for victims who are looking to file a civil lawsuit. Inept doctors should not be permitted to continue practicing their discipline.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "When medical errors kill" Philip Levitt, Mar. 15, 2014

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