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Pregnant lady injured in truck crash on North Carolina interstate

A serious crash on 1-85 in North Carolina involved both a tanker truck and a pregnant woman. Multiple vehicles were involved in the crash, and it shut down the interstate for hours before the emergency crews could get it back open again. It finally opened in the evening on June 4th.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the pregnant woman was driving an SUV, and she struck some debris that was in the road. As a result, her SUV got a flat. She had four passengers in the car with her. She came to a stop after getting the flat, which is when a tanker-truck side-swiped her SUV.

A patrol officer who responded said that the truck driver actually did an excellent job, however. He pointed out that the tanker was carrying hazardous materials. He said that, if the driver had done things differently and caused the truck to jackknife, the incident could have been far worse. He hit the SUV because the woman had allegedly come to a stop right in the middle lane.

After the accident, the tanker-truck was leaking fuel. Firefighters were called to the scene, and foam could be seen in pictures of the crash, sprayed on the truck and the roadway. Emergency crews then took five people to Carolinas Medical Center. They said that three of those people actually had injuries that were considered to be life-threatening.

Drivers who are drawn into a multi-vehicle truck accident through no fault of their own, and who are then injured as a result, need to know what rights they have to seek compensation from the people who really did cause the accident.

Source: WSOC, "Pregnant woman among injured in I-85 side-swipe accident" Paige Hansen, Jun. 04, 2014

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