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September 2014 Archives

The dangers of North Carolina wrong-site surgeries

A wrong-site surgery could refer to one performed on the wrong side of the body, the wrong location on the body or even the wrong patient. The definition also refers to any invasive procedures performed in rooms other than an operating room. The joint commission considers all of these situations to be preventable because of the nature of the errors.

Prevention of surgical errors

Patients in North Carolina may be surprised to learn that operating room errors, specifically wrong-site surgeries, occur. According to research on wrong-site surgeries that began in 1999, the majority of wrong-site surgical errors are preventable. The adoption of standards and protocols designed to address the leading causes of wrong-site surgery is an important step toward solving the problem according to experts.

Wrong-site surgical errors as a form of medical malpractice

North Carolina patients might be shocked to learn that the rate of wrong-site surgical errors has not declined over the past decade. Wrong-site surgeries may have catastrophic impacts due to the danger of surgery in general.

Cerebral palsy can often be prevented

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 10,000 babies born every year end up with cerebral palsy. Negligent actions by doctors or nurses account for many of these cases. Even though prenatal care has improved over the years, North Carolina children who develop cerebral palsy may face a great deal of difficulty in life, such as a lifelong need for medical and personal care.

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