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Cerebral palsy can often be prevented

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 10,000 babies born every year end up with cerebral palsy. Negligent actions by doctors or nurses account for many of these cases. Even though prenatal care has improved over the years, North Carolina children who develop cerebral palsy may face a great deal of difficulty in life, such as a lifelong need for medical and personal care.

One of the things that you might want to keep in mind is that the brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy can happen at any point during a pregnancy. In many cases, improper care during your pregnancy or the delivery might be to blame. Some of the issues that parents have reported in the past include unnoticed fetal distress, a necessary caesarian section not being performed or Pitocin being used to induce labor.

A cerebral palsy diagnosis may mean different things for your child, depending on the severity of the case. Your child might be able to live independently, or he or she may require daily care indefinitely. The part of the brain that is affected controls balance, motor skills and muscle control. Some of the challenges that your child could face include mobility problems, seizures and possibly mental retardation.

Learning that your child may be disabled because of inattentive neonatal care, birth injury or another preventable cause could leave you wondering how you will go about giving your child proper care. You could seek legal advice so that you know what remedies are available. If you need more information on filing a cerebral palsy claim, please visit our webpage on the matter.

Source: Butler Daniel & Associates, "Wrightsville Beach Cerebral Palsy Attorneys", September 04, 2014

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