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North Carolina woman dies in head-on crash with speeding car

A 25-year-old Bolivia man traveling in a 1992 Lincoln allegedly caused a head-on collision with a 2009 Mercury on Oct. 23, killing a 62-year-old driver. The fatal accident occurred at around 3:40 p.m. near Collins Drive on Highway 72. According to Highway Patrol, the man was driving 75 mph in an eastbound lane when his car traveled across the center line and struck the Lumberton woman's vehicle.

Police say the Lincoln driver lost control and swung off the road. He pulled to the left and over-corrected, causing him to hit the Mercury as it approached from the opposite direction. The Mercury was found on the highway's shoulder, and police determined that the woman was driving roughly 55 mph but wasn't wearing a seat belt. The Lincoln came to a stop in a ditch, and the driver appeared to be wearing his seat belt leading up to the crash.

While the impending charges weren't specified, a local sergeant confirmed that the Lincoln driver is suspected of speeding and reckless driving. Reports didn't mention whether officials know why the man initially swerved to the right. If the car was accelerating rapidly, even a brief disturbance, such as losing his footing or his grip on the wheel, could have run the driver off course.

Wrongful death statutes may allow the deceased woman's family to pursue damages on her behalf, especially if she has children who depended on her income and care-giving. Since the woman wasn't wearing a seatbelt, the accused defendant may try to point to her own actions as a contributing factor in her death. However, the woman's family may use the preliminary police reports as evidence of the Lincoln driver's culpability. Reports recorded at the scene may help the plaintiffs demonstrate that the man deliberately ignored the speed limit and showed no concern for the lives of his fellow motorists.

Source: robesonian.com, "Wreck kills 62-year old city woman", Sarah Willets, October 24, 2014

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