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Seek compensation for traumatic brain injuries

If you or a loved one experienced a traumatic brain injury, long after the physical effects of the injury have healed, there may still be negative repercussions. You may notice that your relationships with others have undergone changes or that your loved one or family member no longer relates to you in the same way.

This can have a devastating effect of couples and families, as the relationship dynamic is forever altered and everyone must get used to the "new normal." Even the strongest marriages or family ties can be strained to the breaking point when someone suffers a TBI.

At Butler, Daniel and Associates, PLLC, we understand that our clients are struggling to survive and maintain as much normalcy in their lives and relationships as is possible under the circumstances. That's why we work so hard to represent our clients' needs on all fronts -- from making sure that they receive treatment from the specialists their conditions require to aggressively litigating their claims.

While settlement negotiation is a necessary part of the process of personal injury lawsuits, not all cases will settle. Our skilled and experienced attorneys are as at ease in the courtroom fighting for their clients' rights to compensation as they are negotiating lucrative settlement agreements. Nothing is approved without our clients' consent. If you are determined to have your day in court, we will vigorously pursue justice and financial compensation for you, and in some cases for your family members as well.

Don't wait another day to make that call. Every day you delay could result in destroyed or altered evidence, lost witnesses and "misplaced" records of the catastrophic event. Sometimes justice must be won, and we are on your side.

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