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June 2015 Archives

The treatment of dementia in nursing homes

North Carolina residents may not be surprised to learn that many victims of nursing home abuse suffer from Alzheimer's disease or some other form of dementia. These conditions are progressive in nature, and sufferers may have difficulty thinking clearly or remembering recent events. Dementia patients are also prone to act unpredictably, and they may respond poorly when attempts are made to calm them.

When shoulder dystocia isn't addressed properly

The delivery of a child doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes, complications arise in relation to a delivery. One complication that sometimes comes up during the delivery of a child is shoulder dystocia. See our shoulder dystocia page for information on this delivery complication. 

Study looks into major surgical errors

Every year, patients in hospitals in North Carolina and around the country run the risk of being injured by medical mistakes such as wrong-site or wrong-patient surgery. Although major surgical errors like these are rare, researchers from the Evidence-based Practice Center at the RAND Corporation say that more should be done to track and analyze these types of events so that they can be prevented.

Is there a risk of birth injuries with a cesarean section?

Becoming a parent is supposed to be a joyous and exciting time for any parent. But this sentiment can be marred by medical mistakes that cause injuries to a mother and/or her child. These mistakes can be incredibly devastating and may even lead to questions that require legal finesse to answer.

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