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Is there a risk of birth injuries with a cesarean section?

Becoming a parent is supposed to be a joyous and exciting time for any parent. But this sentiment can be marred by medical mistakes that cause injuries to a mother and/or her child. These mistakes can be incredibly devastating and may even lead to questions that require legal finesse to answer.

As you can imagine though, most people have a desire to avoid accidents before they occur, which is why some women might be asking the question we're posing above: is there a risk of birth injuries with a cesarean section? This question often arises because of the fact that a cesarean section, or c-section, is a surgery. And as you may know, surgical errors are not an uncommon event in hospitals across the nation.

According to WebMD, the answer to the question above is yes. C-sections can lead to a number of complications for a mother including: blood clots, heavy bleeding, infections, and in rare cases death. There is also a risk to infants as well, especially if they are born early or if a c-section is delayed. Their injuries could lead to life-long health complications or even death in some cases.

Whether a birth injury occurs because of negligence during the operation or because hospital staff failed to recognize fetal distress and order the c-section early enough, parents across North Carolina should know that they may be eligible for compensation in a medical malpractice claim. It's worth pointing out though that these cases can be incredibly difficult to put forth if you do not have a good legal background, which is why talking to a lawyer is a good idea.

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