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August 2015 Archives

Overdiagnosing is a concern with some brain injuries

Anyone in North Carolina who has medical problems that doctors struggle to find an accurate diagnosis for might wonder how a correct diagnosis could ever be a bad thing, but the August 2015 issue of Academic Radiology talks about overdiagnosis and the dangers and complications this can bring. An overdiagnosis refers to identifying a disease at the earliest stages, which can lead to more harm than good as a treatment might not be necessary.

Electronic fetal monitoring linked to increased childbirth risks

When North Carolina women have electronic fetal monitors placed on them during labor, they may not realize that studies show that they can often lead to more problems than they prevent. Electronic fetal monitors come in both internal and external styles. They measure the fetal heart rate with the purported purpose of alerting an obstetrician to an emergency. Their widespread use in delivery rooms, however, has shown no association with a reduction in infant deaths or birth injuries.

Hospitals act to improve safety and prevent malpractice lawsuits

North Carolina residents may be aware that medical mistakes lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans every year. Doctor errors and hospital negligence result in more than 85,000 medical malpractice lawsuits being filed annually, and some hospitals are taking proactive steps to improve patient safety and reduce their chances of becoming the defendant in one of these lawsuits. Medication errors and surgical mistakes are two areas that are receiving particular attention.

Proposed legislation to mandate operating room cameras

Many hospital patients in North Carolina and around the country are injured as a result of surgical errors. However, it is not always easy for patients to find out what went wrong during their surgery, especially if the operating room staff does not report the mistakes. In response to this problem, representative Christine Sinicki of Wisconsin is trying to pass new legislation that would give patients the option of having their surgeries recorded.

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