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September 2015 Archives

Dangers at the hospital

When patients enter a North Carolina hospital, they expect that they will receive excellent care from the medical professionals there. In some cases however, mistakes are made which can leave a person in a worsened medical condition. When this happens, the patient may suffer complications that can have a serious effect on his or her life.

Survival rates of cancer may be affected by information

As North Carolina residents know, a misdiagnosis of a patient who suffers from cancer may have devastating consequences and affect treatment outcome. A study conducted in Boston found the misdiagnosis rate was much higher than previously thought by physicians.

Risk factors may predispose children to skin cancer

In North Carolina, as well as the rest of the country, misdiagnosis due to medical professional negligence could possibly occur. Boston researchers performed a retrospective study using the charts of 28 patients. They used them to track young adults and children with nonmelanoma skin cancers over a 21-year period.

Improving patient care in North Carolina

Although data suggests that doctors make mistakes in one out of every 20 patients they diagnose, some believe that the number could be higher. The chairman of the Coalition to Improve Diagnosis believes that doctors could make errors in up to 10 percent of all diagnoses that they make. He believes that there are steps that should be taken to improve education and communication with patients.

Study examines diagnostic approaches to MELAS

North Carolina residents may be unfamiliar with the relatively rare disease MELAS. It is frequently misdiagnosed, but a new study published in the Chinese Medical Journal looked at the available diagnostic tools and concluded that using a combination could lead to an early and more accurate diagnosis. Patients with MELAS who are diagnosed early have a better prognosis.

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