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Risk factors may predispose children to skin cancer

In North Carolina, as well as the rest of the country, misdiagnosis due to medical professional negligence could possibly occur. Boston researchers performed a retrospective study using the charts of 28 patients. They used them to track young adults and children with nonmelanoma skin cancers over a 21-year period.

The 28 youths studied had 182 NMSCs during the period between 1993 and 2014. Squamous cell carcinoma was the diagnosis for seven of the patients, and 19 were diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Both cancers were found in two patients. There was a misdiagnosis in 36 percent of the patients prior to the correct diagnosis. The diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma came on an average of 1,176 days after a lesion was first found, and it was an average of 667 days before the squamous cell carcinoma was diagnosed.

The results of the study put forward that young people who are affected with NMSC experience recurrent problems throughout their lives. Predisposing conditions were determined in 50 percent of the patients. Iatrogenic risk factors, such as chemotherapy, extended immunosuppression, radiation therapy, or a combination of factors, played a role in the illnesses of 46 percent of the patients. The ones with iatrogenic risk factors later developed precancerous or cancerous skin lesions.

If someone has experienced a misdiagnosis due to a doctor's negligence, then an experienced medical malpractice attorney could be able to help. It may be advisable in some cases to file a civil lawsuit against the responsible practitioner seeking damages for medical expenses and other losses that have been sustained.

Source: Healio, "Nonmelanoma skin cancer in children, young adults associated with risk factors", Sept. 1, 2015

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