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December 2015 Archives

Preventing nursing home falls

Falling is a common problem for nursing home residents in North Carolina and around the country. Compared to older adults who are living in the community, nursing home residents fall twice as often. The high rate of falls in nursing homes is partially due to the fact that nursing home residents have more health problems than older adults who are living outside of nursing homes. Falls can also be caused by environmental hazards in nursing homes such as wet floors and poor lighting.

Value of visual skin cancer screening questioned

Over the past decade, there has been an increased awareness of the dangers of skin cancer in North Carolina and across the U.S. Public health efforts have focused on encouraging people to avoid prolonged sun exposure and to use sunscreen. People have also been encouraged to report any unusual spots or moles on their bodies to their doctors and, in some cases, submit to regular skin examinations by their physician.

Death most common reason for anesthesia malpractice claims

The risks associated with anesthesia often concern patients preparing for surgery in North Carolina. An analysis of data from the National Practitioner Data Bank about anesthesia-related malpractice claims between 2005 and 2013 showed that death remains the leading reason for lawsuits in this category. Female victims produced 54 percent of such lawsuits, and most injured patients were between 40 and 59 years old.

Side effects of prostate cancer treatment in North Carolina

A 2015 study indicates that a popular treatment for prostate cancer may increase the risk to men in North Carolina and elsewhere who undergo it of developing Alzheimer's disease. The study is fairly broad, so researchers are saying that the finding is that the treatment may be associated with the development of Alzheimer's and not necessarily a cause of it.

Study looks at effects of weekend effect on births

Some North Carolina residents may have heard of a phenomenon called the "weekend effect". This refers to the tendency for patients to have poorer outcomes when admitted to the hospital on weekends. Studies have returned inconclusive results about the causes and likelihood of this tendency, but recently, a study in England found that babies born over the weekend had a higher mortality rate than those born during the week.

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