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January 2016 Archives

U.S. doctors may perform too many C-sections

North Carolina couples who are expecting a child may not know that the United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among the wealthy nations of the world. Some medical experts believe that this is linked to the fact that the U.S. performs so many cesarean sections.

Study shows hospitals not following brain-death guidelines

North Carolina doctors are sometimes forced to declare patients brain dead. A study published in December 2015 reveals that many hospitals do not follow the established guidelines they are supposed to follow in making that determination, however.

When home births are safe in North Carolina

According to a study conducted in Canada, a women going through a low-risk pregnancy may face no additional risks from giving birth at home instead of at a hospital. To gather data, the study looked at roughly 11,000 births that took place at home and roughly 11,000 births that took place at a hospital. Researchers excluded deliveries that involved babies being born breech or babies that were born prematurely.

Preventing medication errors by nurses

North Carolina nurses can take steps to ensure that they do not make medication errors. One of those is observing the so-called "five rights". A nurse administering medication should make sure it is the right medicine, the right person, the right dosage, the right method of administration and that the timing is right.

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