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When home births are safe in North Carolina

According to a study conducted in Canada, a women going through a low-risk pregnancy may face no additional risks from giving birth at home instead of at a hospital. To gather data, the study looked at roughly 11,000 births that took place at home and roughly 11,000 births that took place at a hospital. Researchers excluded deliveries that involved babies being born breech or babies that were born prematurely.

Of those who planned to give birth at home, roughly 75 percent did so, and 97 percent of those who planned to give birth at a hospital did so. For every 1,000 babies born at home, 1.15 was stillborn compared to 0.94 for every 1,000 babies born at a hospital. Although 8 percent of mothers needed emergency services for babies born at home compared to 2 percent for those born in a hospital, the lower rate was attributed to the availability of interventions in a hospital setting.

According to one doctor involved in the study, the data was not surprising although it was reassuring to see. Doctors say that women who plan to give birth at home should have multiple checkups and stay in touch with both their doctor and their midwife throughout the pregnancy. Data reveals that 10 percent of births in Ontario were attended by a midwife.

If a baby suffers from an injury because of a negligent doctor, a mother might decide to take legal action in order to win compensation for related medical bills as well as for punitive damages. Both the doctor and the hospital may be held financially liable for the injury. An attorney who focuses on personal injury law might be able to examine the case to determine how to resolve it in the parent's favor.

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