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The impact of nurse errors in North Carolina

Research has discovered that nurses experience 6.7 distractions per hour while at work. Many of these distractions take place while they are going through the process of providing medication for patients. Such interruptions may increase the risk of an medical error when North Carolina nurses are unable to focus on the five rights of medical administration. A study has found that there is a 12.7 percent increase in clinical errors whenever a nurse is interrupted.

There are many different distractions that a nurse may be subject to. Another practitioner may ask a simple question about a patient or need emergency access to the automated dispensing cabinet. After a patient's medication is acquired, the nurse may encounter further interruptions while walking to the patient's room to deliver the medication. Shift changes and running out of a particular medication could also increase the risk for errors.

Modern technology may make it easier for nurses to keep their place in the workflow process. If they are interrupted, they can simply sign out of the automatic dispensing cabinet and receive a printout that can be attached to any medications that have already been reomoved. Electronic checklists may also make it easier for nurses to know what they have already completed before they were interrupted, which could reduce errors.

If a patient is given the wrong medication or the wrong dose of a proper medication and suffers harm as a result, it could be an instance of hospital negligence. Those who are in this position may want to meet with a medical malpractice attorney to discuss how best to seek compensation for their losses.

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