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April 2016 Archives

Mother awarded $50 million after suing obstetrician

North Carolina mothers who are concerned about the care they received during labor and delivery may be interested in the case of a New York woman who successfully sued her obstetrician. She was awarded $50 million after a 2009 childbirth that left her with injuries that have never properly healed.

Study shows scars help to heal spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries affect many people in North Carolina who have been involved in serious car accidents and falls. Around 12,500 people in the United States sustain a spinal cord injury each year, and there are approximately 276,000 people in the country who are currently living with one.

Hospital medication errors not always detected

North Carolina residents who have been hospitalized were likely given many different types of medications during their stay. While physicians have the responsibility of prescribing the correct medications and dosages for the condition being treated, hospital personnel have the responsibility of ensuring that the orders are correctly filled and administered. Any misstep along the medication chain, from pharmacist to administration by the attending nurse, may lead to a patient becoming harmed.

System makes it difficult for patients to track bad doctors

According to an investigation by Consumer Reports, there are thousands of doctors practicing in the U.S. who have been disciplined for serious errors and ethics violations, but it is difficult for patients to find out if their physician is one of them. However, the same report found that North Carolina has one of the top state medical board websites in the country, which makes it slightly easier to investigate physician performance records.

Yale hospital surgeon accused of covering up mistake

Doctor and hospital errors can and do happen in North Carolina and across the country. A patient who underwent surgery in 2015 at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut has filed a lawsuit after doctors removed the wrong part of her body. The patient also contends that one doctor attempted to cover up the mistake.

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