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Mother awarded $50 million after suing obstetrician

North Carolina mothers who are concerned about the care they received during labor and delivery may be interested in the case of a New York woman who successfully sued her obstetrician. She was awarded $50 million after a 2009 childbirth that left her with injuries that have never properly healed.

During childbirth, the woman sustained tissue damage. She was also given an unnecessary episiotomy. The damage affected the woman's digestive system, but although she had unexplained discharges following the birth, she was unaware of the existence or the extent of her injuries.

After she became pregnant with her second child, she was attended by a midwife who was also unaware of the damage. The woman gave birth vaginally, and this caused further damage. The woman had several consultations and surgeries, but none were able to repair the damage. She had to stop working, and she suffered from incontinence and an inability to engage in sexual intercourse.

Mothers may sustain serious long-term damage because of a negligent doctor. Unfortunately, the damage may not immediately be apparent. A doctor's carelessness during labor might also result in brain damage or other injury to a child. Another scenario might be not realizing the mother is in distress and ordering a C-section too late or failing to treat an infection in time. A mother or the family members of a mother or child who has suffered an injury during childbirth might want to speak to an attorney about filing a lawsuit. While sometimes the damage is permanent, compensation can sometimes help pay for some of the lifestyle modifications that are necessary following a serious injury.

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