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Yale hospital surgeon accused of covering up mistake

Doctor and hospital errors can and do happen in North Carolina and across the country. A patient who underwent surgery in 2015 at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut has filed a lawsuit after doctors removed the wrong part of her body. The patient also contends that one doctor attempted to cover up the mistake.

The 60-year-old woman underwent surgery to have part of her eight rib removed due to a precancerous condition. After she felt pain and was X-rayed, a doctor informed her that it was part of her seventh rib that had been removed by mistake. But then a surgeon a few minutes later told the patient only that the surgery had been incomplete and a second surgery was necessary. Yale has stated that the patient was given an apology, but the patient says this did not happen.

The surgeon who had not mentioned the seventh rib being operated on was involved in the second surgery, even though the patient and her husband had specifically stated that they did not want him to be there. The complaint also says that the surgical error should have been noticed during the procedure because the correct rib had been marked with dye and metal coils. The lawsuit says that X-rays should have been done immediately after the surgery.

When a patient becomes ill or injured due to a medical procedure or the actions of a doctor or hospital staff, it could be a case of medical professional negligence. Hospitals and health care practitioners often fight medical malpractice claims vigorously, and injured plaintiffs may want to turn to experienced attorneys for support and assistance.

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