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May 2016 Archives

HIV patients might benefit from pharmacy changes

Researchers say that victims of diseases like HIV could fare better if pharmacies in North Carolina and around the country simply improve their monitoring standards. Experts claim that the study, which was conducted between 2011 and 2013, was one of the largest assessments to examine how additional pharmacy oversight might result in superior recovery outcomes. Proponents also suggest new practices may lead to lowered care costs and fewer medication errors.

At discharge, medical errors may increase

For patients in North Carolina and throughout the country, the time immediately after discharge from a medical facility may be the most dangerous in terms of potential errors that could result in a further decline or even death. In 2012, the Annals of Internal Medicine journal reported that there was a significant medication mistake for half of all patients dismissed from one of two leading medical facilities. There appears to be a lack of coordination between doctors, pharmacists, home health care nurses and nursing homes, and some experts believe that electronic medical records are in part to blame. These systems are poorly connected to providers that care for patients after a hospital discharge.

Electronic health records commonly found to be incomplete

Many North Carolina hospitals and medical care facilities use an electronic health care record system for their patients. Although EHRs are in many respects superior to previous methods of charting the medical history of a patient, disturbing lapses in coverage have been discovered.

Stem cell research for spinal cord injuries ongoing

Some North Carolina residents have unfortunately suffered spinal cord injuries as a result of accidents. Research shows that stem cells offer promise as a treatment for these types of injuries. A review of the literature demonstrates that different types of stem cells provide varying levels of help.

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