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Breast MRI techniques and diagnostic errors

North Carolina women who go in for breast cancer surgeries may be at greater risk of errors depending on the way they are administered MRIs prior to their operations. In June 2016, radiologists at a Boston hospital released a study revealing that the accuracy of MRI scans varied with the postures patients assumed inside imaging machinery. Scans performed on women who were lying face down were discovered to be less accurate than those taken with patients lying on their backs.

This study was small, and its authors said it should be conducted again with a larger sample size. Nonetheless, one contributor opined that a combined technique of scanning in multiple positions might be the best option. Currently, patients are often placed inside MRI machines in face-down postures to establish some degree of consistency between initial and follow-up assays. Experts believe this can cause notable distortion or displacement of the tumor and the healthy breast tissue alike.

MRIs aren't universally used before breast operations, and the scientists failed to find a positive correlation between different imaging practices and distinct surgical outcomes. Nonetheless, of the women who receive breast surgery for issues like cancer, as many as 40 percent may have to obtain follow-up operations to excise remaining tumors.

Patients who require surgeries rely on their caregivers to perform the correct procedures and minimize their time in the hospital. When doctors fail to diagnose conditions prior to commencing operations, they might also fail to actually solve the problem. In some cases, they also miss related conditions or issues that lead to them placing patients at greater risk. Patients who have been harmed as a result may wish to meet with a medical malpractice attorney in order to see whether they have an actionable claim against the doctor or the facility.

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