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Disturbing medical malpractice cases

When North Carolina residents visit their doctor, they expect quality medical care. However, doctors are people, and they can make mistakes. These mistakes include leaving foreign objects in the body following a procedure, amputating the wrong limb and even misdiagnosing life-threatening diseases. Because doctor errors can occur, patients should be vigilant when it comes to their medical care.

One disturbing medical malpractice case that occurred was in West Virginia. A 73-year-old man was undergoing surgery for abdominal pain. However, doctors did not give him the right anesthesia, so he experienced anesthetic awareness during the entire surgery. This means that he was aware and in pain during the procedure. In another case, a New York fertility clinic gave a woman a stranger's sperm instead of her husband's. A DNA test after the birth showed that the child was of a different race than the parents.

In a third case, doctors told a woman that she had three to six months to live after finding a cancerous lump in her jaw. She agreed to undergo surgery to remove a portion of her chin to extend the time she had left. Approximately three months after the surgery, doctors told her that she had been misdiagnosed and had never originally had cancer, so she was left with a disfigurement for no reason.

Surgical errors and other doctor errors can cause a patient to suffer serious harm that was not expected. For example, if a patient was misdiagnosed, they may undergo unneeded treatment or procedures that can leave them ill or disfigured. A medical malpractice attorney may help by determining if the injured patient has a case against the doctor or hospital. If there was negligence involved, the attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the liable parties in order to seek compensation for damages.

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