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Preventing cancer medication errors

People in North Carolina who are diagnosed with severe forms of cancer are usually prescribed several medications. In fact, some cancer patients are told to take over 20 different medications, including many that must be injected. For the cancer patients themselves or the people who are caring for them, administering all of the medications as prescribed can be a big challenge.

When cancer medications are taken in the wrong dosage, at the wrong time or as part of a dangerous combination, a patient could be seriously harmed. All medications that a cancer patient is prescribed should be taken exactly as directed, and patients and their caregivers must be especially vigilant if they are dealing with multiple medications. Before taking a medication for the first time, a patient should double check the medication against the prescription to prevent errors.

In addition to understanding when and how a medication should be taken, cancer patients should understand why the medication was prescribed to them. A doctor or pharmacist may be able to help patients and their caregivers understand how to find out if a medication is working the way it is supposed to and what potential side effects they should look out for.

If a doctor prescribes the wrong type of medication or a dangerous combination of medications to a cancer patient, the patient could have an adverse outcome. An attorney may be able to help an injured cancer patient to pursue compensation for a medication error by filing a medical professional negligence claim against the at-fault practitioner.

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