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September 2016 Archives

Promising new technology may help heal spinal cord injuries

Medical research out of Rice University may change the way spinal cord injuries are treated in North Carolina. Researchers at Rice have spent 10 years developing a material made of graphene nanoribbons that may help repair spinal cord damage.

Study shows radiologists have trouble detecting hernias

Patients in North Carolina hospitals may think that CT scans and MRIs are capable of detecting medical conditions with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, these diagnostic testing methods are not always accurate, and communication between doctors and radiologists may greatly affect test results. At the 2016 Americas Hernia Society annual meeting, a hernia specialist talked about why she did not trust radiologists to diagnose hernias.

What to do if nursing home abuse is suspected

Elderly adults in North Carolina could become victims of abuse while living in nursing homes. There are many different forms of abuse that can occur in a nursing home setting. Nursing home abuse could be outright physical or sexual assault from staff or patients, or it could be serious neglect from the lack of appropriate medical attention.

Statistics about spinal cord injuries

North Carolina residents may be interested to learn that there are an estimated 282,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in the United States. Every year, it is estimated that there are about 17,000 new cases. Approximately 45 percent of cases are incomplete tetraplegia which only affects some parts of the body. About 20 percent and 13.3 percent suffer from complete paraplegia and complete tetraplegia, respectively. The remaining 21.3 percent suffer from incomplete tetraplegia.

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