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Syndrome caused by problems with back surgery

North Carolina residents with back problems may want to be familiar with a condition known as failed back surgery syndrome. Individuals who experience continuing or new pain following surgery on the spine, leg, arm or neck may be victims of FBSS.

Since back surgery is invasive, excessive blood loss or damage to nerve roots may occur during the operation. This can lead to chronic or occasional pain. In addition, the patient having the surgery might have been a poor candidate for the procedure due to an error in the presurgery evaluation or an mistake in diagnosis.

Symptoms of FBSS can vary with the individual. Some victims may experience a restriction of mobility, spasms, pain or numbness that extends into the legs, new pain in a location other than the area that was treated or the requirement for pain medicine on a continuing basis.

Diagnosing FBSS may require tests such as an MRI, X-ray or CT scan. These tests would be in conjunction with a physical examination and evaluation to determine what is causing the pain. A treatment plan for the condition depends on what methods might work best at alleviating the pain. They may include medication, physical therapy, injection of deadening agents or other methods. When relief from pain is not possible, other methods may be used such as spinal cord stimulation, which works by sending small electrical pulses to the affected area.

An individual who has had corrective surgery for problems in the spine and has new or continued pain may benefit from an attorney's counsel. With help from an attorney, one may file a medical malpractice lawsuit to recover the costs associated with the failed surgery, including medical costs for treatments and missed time at work.

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