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August 2017 Archives

Probe finds nursing home abuse goes unreported despite law

North Carolina families who have elderly relatives may be interested to learn that more than one in four cases of potential physical or sexual abuse in nursing homes go unreported, according to the Health and Human Services. This data comes despite a law that requires Medicare to report potential cases to the police.

Faulty data on drug side effects

Every year, up to 40,000 people around the country die as a result of the side effects from the medications they take. To combat the issue, the federal Food and Drug Administration has been gathering information from patients in North Carolina and elsewhere who have had bad experiences after taking prescribed drugs. However, an evaluation of the data indicates that the information is unusable.

Arbitration clauses hide nursing home abuse from public

When a family in North Carolina needs to find a nursing home for an elderly loved one, they may feel compelled to sign away the right to settle disputes within the judicial system. Known as a pre-dispute arbitration clause, this element of an admission contract forces a resident to address disputes, including cases of neglect and abuse, in a private arbitration process geared toward limiting the accountability of the facility and preventing cases from entering the public record.

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