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Promising treatment found for spinal cord injury patients

North Carolina residents who have suffered spinal cord injuries may be interested to learn that a recent study showed promising results for a treatment that could help with the regeneration of nerves. Following a major spinal cord injury, victims may have scarring, which limits the potential recovery for the regrowth of nerves.

Past studies have shown that there is an enzyme that promotes nerve growth when used in treatments for spinal cord injuries. The enzyme, called chondroitinase ABC, is injected into the patient. However, it does not have a long life, meaning patients must undergo repeated treatments in order for the enzyme to work properly. To prolong the life of ChABC, researchers found that olfactory ensheathing cells could be the answer. These cells regenerate and repair themselves to maintain a person's sense of smell throughout their lives.

The test spinal cord treatment contained olfactory ensheathing cells that were specifically modified to secrete the enzyme. Researchers reportedly observed successful secretion of the enzyme and observed the removal of some scarring on the spinal cord. While the results of this potential treatment were promising, researchers noted that more tests were needed before it could be used for other animals and humans.

When a person suffers major spinal cord injuries in a catastrophic car accident, his or her future could be significantly impacted. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the victim may never walk again and require assistance when engaging in normal everyday activities. With help from a personal injury attorney, however, such a victim could file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident in order to seek compensation for the injuries.

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