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January 2018 Archives

When the flu may be something more serious

North Carolina residents who believe that they have the flu might actually have an infection caused by flesh-eating bacteria. Called necrotizing fasciitis, this condition is contracted when bacteria enters through a cut in the skin. A variety of different types of bacteria, including group A strep, could be responsible for a person contracting necrotizing fasciitis. In some cases, it only takes a few hours before a person experiences symptoms.

Medical errors can give rise to malpractice claims

For many people in North Carolina, a medical mishap can be a real nightmare. When people go in for medical treatment, especially for serious care like surgery or other treatments requiring hospitalization, they expect that they will emerge healthier and better off. However, in some cases, serious medical mistakes can lead to real problems for patients that suffer the effects of a physician's carelessness, negligence or incompetence while in surgery.

Studies shows more lawsuits for male dermatologists

Some North Carolina patients might be more satisfied with their care coming from a female dermatologist than from a male one. According to a study that appeared in JAMA Dermatology on Dec. 6, female dermatologists are less likely to be sued than their male counterparts. Male doctors had a 250 percent higher chance of being sued.

Infections are a common nursing home problem

According to a report from Kaiser Health News, 74 percent of nursing homes in America have been cited for not taking proper measures to prevent infections. The report analyzed four years of data from facilities in North Carolina and throughout the country. However, it is rare for nursing homes that are cited to face any significant consequences. Only 1 in every 75 nursing homes that have been cited in the years analyzed have received citations that come with financial penalties.

Robotics are poised to increase accuracy of breast tumor biopsies

The discovery of a lump or other anomaly in breast tissue can be a scary thing. The good news is that for people in North Carolina as well as across the country, advances in diagnosing and treating breast cancer have helped to increase survival rates exponentially.

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