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February 2018 Archives

Diagnosing patients with presumed cellulitis

Although cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection experienced by many residents in North Carolina and elsewhere, there are no diagnostic tools available. This means that it must be diagnosed based on the appearance of the patient's skin. However, there are other medical conditions that can result in similar inflammation of the skin, potentially leading to a misdiagnosis.

Side effects for mesothelioma immunotherapy often misdiagnosed

There are two main types of treatment for North Carolina patients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma: chemotherapy and immunotherapy. While immunotherapy usually has side effects that are less severe than chemotherapy, there are cases where they can be severe and highly unpredictable. Since immunotherapy is a newer treatment, the side effects can potentially be misdiagnosed.

Government drops its appeal of $42 million malpractice award

Medical malpractice awards can be high in North Carolina and around the country when children have suffered injuries that will require a lifetime of care. One such case involves a Pennsylvania boy who suffered catastrophic injuries during his birth allegedly caused by an obstetrician working in a federally-supported health care facility. The boy's parents sued the government in 2016 and were awarded $42 million in damages, and lawyers from both sides announced on Feb. 1 that a pending appeal has been withdrawn and the money will now be paid.

Pain after knee replacement could be misdiagnosed

Knee surgery can be a difficult experience for North Carolina patients. It's an intense surgical procedure with anticipated pain and a complex recovery period. However, there is also a danger of a misdiagnosis of the cause of lingering, unexplained pain following total knee arthroplasty. When physicians use older criteria to diagnose CPRS, or complex regional pain syndrome, patients could receive an incorrect diagnosis. The misdiagnosis could worsen the patient's health condition and lead to greater levels of pain.

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