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March 2018 Archives

The difficulty of diagnosing mitochondrial disease

North Carolina residents who are among the approximately 75,000 Americans who have mitochondrial disease might have had symptoms for a long time before getting an accurate diagnosis. The disease shares symptoms with other medical conditions, which makes diagnosis difficult. According to research, many patients with mitochondrial disease were misdiagnosed, sometimes more than once, before doctors finally made an accurate diagnosis.

Officials still searching for answers in bridge collapse

North Carolina residents may have heard about the bridge collapse at Florida International University. The collapse led to the deaths of eight people and crushed six cars. At the time of the accident, the bridge was being put through a stress test while cars were allowed to drive over it. No one is sure why that was the case, and many believe that the adjacent area should have been closed.

Second opinions can improve patient results

A 2010 Gallup poll found that 70 percent of people in North Carolina and throughout the country trusted their doctor's diagnosis. However, roughly one out of three diagnoses made by a medical professional is incorrect. Wrong diagnoses may have financial consequences for employers, which is why a proper diagnosis is worthwhile. In addition to saving money, employers can empower and engage with their employees.

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