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Newborns may suffer broken collarbones during delivery

Children are prone to the occasional injury when growing up, but the situation is different when they are just being born. Expectant mothers in North Carolina should know that newborns are at a high risk for collarbone fractures during delivery.

There are several factors that may come into play. One of the baby's arms may be positioned in such a way that it obstructs the baby's passage through the birth canal. Having a narrow birth canal, and a large baby, can also potentially lead to a fracture. In some cases, a doctor may cause the injury through the use of tools.

According to Nationwide Children's Hospital, collarbone fractures are the most common birth injuries among newborns. To tell if a baby has a broken collarbone, parents should see if the baby cries each time one of the arms is moved or if the baby does not move that arm at all. A shoulder sagging down and forward on one side is another indicator.

Collarbone fractures often heal without the need for treatment. However, difficult births do not solely affect the baby. Some mothers may experience trauma based on unrealistic expectations of what a birth is like. For instance, the feeling of being out of control during the birthing process can lead to trauma.

When birth injuries are the result of a negligent doctor, victims may want to know everything that happened during delivery. With the right information, they can build up an injury claim against the doctor. A lawyer could evaluate a claim and possibly strengthen it through an expert investigation. Malpractice lawyers often have an in-house team of investigators and medical experts to assist with cases.

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