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Common women's medical condition often misdiagnosed

Women in North Carolina often report struggles receiving an accurate diagnosis for their medical problems, especially those dealing with gynecological health. Women may go to multiple doctors and report serious pain repeatedly before receiving a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis. Even as more attention has been drawn to some of these common women's health conditions, others have remained obscure despite affecting a large number of women. Adenomyosis, a common condition of the female reproductive system, is sometimes referred to as an endometriosis-like disorder of the muscles of the uterus.

Up to 10% of women live with some type of adenomyosis, even though the disorder is rarely detected. People who report uterine pain may go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, and there is no standardized definition of adenomyosis. While endometriosis involves growth of uterine lining tissue outside the uterus, adenomyosis leads to the creation of uterine lining tissue inside the wall of the uterine muscle. It is not linked to cancer or increased mortality, but it can cause severe, debilitating pain that prevents sufferers from working or successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.

Severe cramps, irregular menstrual bleeding, infertility and painful sex are common symptoms of the disorder. Women are often misdiagnosed with thyroid conditions, endometriosis or even perimenopause. An incorrect diagnosis may prolong an affected woman's infertility or lead to a prescription for ineffective, inaccurate treatments. Women may be prescribed birth control pills or hormone treatments, while others may be told that their tests show normal results while they struggle with debilitating pain and a declining quality of life.

Misdiagnosis and doctor errors can lead women to suffer from prolonged infertility or unnecessary treatment with no real relief from pain. Women who have been misdiagnosed and suffered worsened health may consult with a medical malpractice attorney about the possibility of pursuing litigation.

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